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How does it work?

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Have a real conversation with your customers to get feedback, generate ideas, or build community.
Rachel Morris
I agree with Leighton. I can get a club sandwich anywhere, but when I travel, I want to experience that place both inside and outside the hotel.
Thank you so much for the feedback so far! Looks like early check in is definitely the leader, I've passed onto our operations & loyalty teams.
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Host a digital panel discussion by bringing experts together to discuss issues, articles, or questions.
Ahead of tonight's premiere of “Inside Obama’s Presidency,” FRONTLINE is bringing together a group of the nation’s leading journalists for a conversation about Barack Obama.
Christina Bellantoni
Thanks for doing this! What a terrific group to talk about an excellent piece of journalism with.
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What's your community talking about today? Start a branch and create a place to talk to each other about it.
Choire Sicha
How do we assess what online freelance pieces should cost per publication?
Maria Bustillos
From my perspective there are two considerations to balance: my desire to write the piece in question, and the publication's ability to pay.
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